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We Are OmegaCrawling , Ambitious Teams Experienced In Data.

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About Us

We Are OmegaCrawling , we love data it is everything about us  , we help E-Commerece , Brands , Startups and Data Seekers succeed by providing them with data , not random data but a clean & well-analysed.
We get your request , study it ,validate it , analyze it then start working and while working we make sure it is clean & relevant then we export it in different types ,and by using modern techniques of crawling and scraping our experts can mine this data .

Our Story

Our Story began in 2013 when we started to receive out first project in this field and from this step we launched ,

we worked on all kinds of projects from small data to giant projects that contain big data , our hands are mixed with data..

Our Mission

We are making our best  to become world’s No. 1 web crawling , data mining & data analysis solution makers and to help e-commerce , brands ,and stratups succeed in their fields that require data.

Steps We Follow To Produce Best Results


data analytics

we can also analyze data you want so, you have to mention that while requesting a new quote Whether you only want data or also want to analyze it.

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it is just one step for great experience with sense of creativity.

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