custom solutions

Custom Solutions

Custom Web Crawling & Scraping

You can give us crawling requirements if the targeted website (source) is not categorized in our website and we will take these requirement from you , analyze it , study the worst case scenario then start working.

Do You Want a Custom Service?

if you want a custom crawling service please , make sure that you sent all requirements to help us analyze and give you the best results for your selected target (website) .

What is the Minimum Requirements of your custom service?

  • List of your targets (websites) url(s).
  • Required Fields.
  • Type of required data.
  • The Geolocation for your desired data => optional
  • How Many Times You want us to crawl this/these website(s).

Custom Services make you unique , real data man and unstoppable .

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You request a custom service when your targets(websites) are not well-known or if you want data hidden,unreachable or specific data from well-known websites.

data analytics

we can also analyze data you want so, you have to mention that while requesting a new quote Whether you only want data or also want to analyze it.

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it is just one step for great experience with sense of creativity.

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